On top of the mountain, down by the sea

File 2018-03-28, 18 23 09Every garment has a story, and this one spans two provinces at (almost) opposite ends of the country, a good friend and a brother-in-law with a good eye for a picture.

There I was with my entire household of 16 years in boxes visiting my friend Marlene Scheepers-Fourie of One of a Kind Yarns one last time as (almost) neighbours in Johannesburg. She was also packing up to move and gave me a viscose-blend yarn as a goodbye gift, something very fine and soft in hues of blues and greens and browns and pinks.

Fast forward two weeks and picture me between all my boxes in my rented house in Cape Town. The yarn was one of the first things I unpacked.

An early morning walk up Table Mountain brought the inspiration: For my new life in my new city I would knit something to celebrate the famous Cape fynbos, the sea and maybe a sunset thrown in there as well.

And then I started to “paint” with Marlene’s yarn, alternating rows with different skeins to “blend” the colours. Of course, it is very easy to paint with her yarn, already a work of art in itself.

The result is a very light and flowing three-quarter sleeved pullover, ideal for the cool afternoon autumn breeze.

Then the question was: Where to photograph it. I know Jozi so well, where to go when I wanted a certain picture taken, and I felt out of my depth in Cape Town.

Fast forward another few months and the brother-in-law came to visit, a keen amateur photographer who goes almost nowhere without a camera.

He and the husband were sitting in a restaurant in Hout Bay harbour when he scanned the mountain with binoculars and saw a commotion at the East Fort. They went to have a look and found a Namibian band filming a music video. No, they did not ask the band’s name…

But he realised the location would be perfect for a shoot and the next weekend the three of us trekked up the mountain at daybreak with knitwear and photography gear.


And so the story came full circle. I think his pictures capture exactly what I envisioned.

File 2018-03-28, 18 14 40


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