The basket case

IMG_5179An empty, contained space.

A hold-all.

Like a womb, where the creative possibilities are endless.

People like to say the invention of the wheel was a game changer in human development, but what about the invention of the vessel?

Without that, nothing could be kept, nurtured, or have dreams built upon.

As a knitter I have many baskets to hold my yarn. And every ball or skein of yarn holds the promise of endless possibilities.

This is what baskets or pots have come to symbolise to me – the holders of dreams, of possibilities and promise.

With this in mind, I started working on a prototype of knitted pots, many years ago. The boys were still small and there was a plastic fish bowl laying about the house. I used old newspapers and a glue made of water and flour to make a papier-mâché pot, which I then covered in knitting. Although I used quite earthy colours, the end result reminded me of a sea urchin.

The knitting is three dimensional and quite tactile.

But it was also very heavy with all the paper and my very impractical glue.

I put it away for a few years to let the idea simmer, but I feel the time is now right to return to it.

These are the prototypes.

My mind is racing with what to do next…



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