When an idea changes course


The story of this poncho begins with Elisa Maluleke, a Shangaan embroiderer, whom I met on a visit to Venda in 2015.

I commissioned some beaded embroidery from her to use in my knitting, but I felt a little intimidated to start – I really wanted to do her work justice.

As I had feared, my first attempts did not quite work out…flop

I wanted to create something organic, almost flower-like, and did not like the effect produced here.


But, as the process continued, I used some of Jean Napier’s leftover batic fabric from her shop in Pretoria. And with Nurturing Fibres’ Eco-Fusion the knitting began to create a poncho – without Elisa’s embroidery…


(I did get it right with her beadwork and will soon post those pictures!)


I also used some Vinnis Serina (a 100% bamboo yarn) and some Vinnis Nikkim (a 100% cotton yarn).  Using Eco-fusion (a bamboo and cotton blend) made this a light-weight poncho, ideal for spring or autumn.


This poncho now lives with Jean…



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