Taking yarn for a walk

Taking yarn for a walk. cs nov web-101

This (slightly altered) Paul Klee quote is what I had wanted to name my blog after. Indeed, how he describes his creative process (“Taking a line for a walk”) precisely describes my approach to design.

It goes like this: You have your yarn and your knitting needles, and in your head you have an idea of where you want to end up. You start knitting, but pretty soon the yarn starts pulling you in whichever direction it wants to go. Sometimes you fight the yarn, but resistance is futile; you’ll always end up where the yarn wants to take you. Even if you have to pull out the work ten times. (Yes, that happens.)


Yarn has this tendency, and not just with me. When I had eventually produced enough stock with which to launch my blog, I found that someone else already had a blog called Taking a Yarn for a Walk.

At least I could still knit a Klee inspired garment. This one is based on his painting Castle and Sun.

Paul Klee’s Castle and Sun.

The bulk of the garment has been knitted with African Expressions Joy, a wool blend. I also used cotton and bamboo yarns and pure wool that I hand-dyed.


Close-up of the embroidery.

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