Autumn is a happy colour

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The city of Johannesburg, South Africa, where I live, is often described as the largest man-made forest on the planet. Well, I’ve often wondered who keeps count of the trees to make sure this is really true… but live here, and you could believe that statement. From above, the treetop canopy looks like a roof sheltering the city.

So when autumn arrives, you can’t miss it…


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…and you will be inspired to knit something in autumn colours.


Whenever I use crochet blocks in my knitting, I use quite fine yarn so that the blocks don’t become too bulky and overpowering.

It is quite a challenge to find such yarn, let alone in the colour you need!

Enter Vinnis Serena – a bamboo yarn that is not twined so that it can easily be split to the required width. Also, I quite like the shiny slickness it lends to the finished product.

At other times I even split the Vinnis Serena into just one strand, which I then use as an embroidery thread. In fact, it is by far my favourite embroidery thread

Who knows, one day I may even knit with Vinnis Serena!

The bulk of this cardigan is knitted in African Expressions Joy, a wool blend, with bits and pieces from the stash I’ve built up over many years.

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