Lights, texture, action!

cs nov web-90It has been more than 10 years since I spent three glorious weeks in the old part of Istanbul. To this day my designs are influenced by Turkish aesthetics. The imagery of that country has profoundly influenced my approach to knitting, in the way I zoom in on lots of detail and “build” a piece by connecting lots of smaller pieces – almost like a mosaic.

I had never attempted a handbag before I visited Istanbul, but when I came back I developed something of an obsession with handbags. It lasted for a good few years. I found that I could best incorporate the burst of colour and texture that was in my head into a bag. Also, of course, it was smaller and I could express more ideas more frequently!


cs nov web-95
Inspired by die colourful glass work one sees everywhere in Istanbul.
File 2016-03-28, 3 05 41 PM
Wherever you turn your head in Istanbul, there is an explosion of light and colour. I loved the colourful glass candle holders – they have inspired many a knitted handbag!

 cs nov web-83


File 2016-03-28, 3 06 24 PM
The idea for the purple handbag comes from a tile exhibition I saw in the Hagia Sophia.

Both these handbags are for sale. My details are under “contact” at the top of the blog page.



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