Stay cool and keep knitting


cs nov web-49

Add a splash of colour to your summer wardrobe with a gilet in the jewel colours of Nurturing Fibres’ Eco-Fusion yarn – a pleasure to knit with and wear in the summer heat!

I have always (jokingly) said that if it becomes too hot to knit, I’d sit in an ice bath under a fan if need be. It is not like I have a choice, after all. I knit, therefore I am… 🙂 This summer I almost had to put that idea to the test, what with Southern Africa suffering under successive El Nino-induced heatwaves.

Fortunately, before I was forced to prepare that ice bath, Kelly from The Yarn Tree in Houghton, Johannesburg, contacted me to find out if I could present a workshop for them. One thing lead to another, and before I knew it, I was designing a gilet for them in Eco-Fusion, a cotton and bamboo blend that kept the sweatiness at bay while I knitted it. It has a soft, luxurious, almost silky feel and drapes beautifully. We started off with the pastelly one in Aventurine – a whole new world for me since I am naturally drawn to stronger colours. Then my eye caught the Ruby Pink and we thought why not – let’s do two different colourways.

Carlé Dehning, owner of Nurturing Fibres, gets her inspiration from nature. She says she does not dye first and then name the colour – the name comes first, and then she works on recreating that colour in her dye baths. The inspiration for Ruby Pink and Aventurine is obvious enough, but Kelly and I were a bit puzzled by “Bessy” – a soft yellow. Turns out “Bessy” was named after the local butter producer, known to all as “Bessy Butter”.

Nothing in nature has a flat, even colour, and Carlé’s yarn also have subtle changes in hue as one knits. This is even more pronounced with Eco-Fusion, because bamboo absorbs four times more colour than cotton and the bamboo part of the yarn thus has a slightly deeper colour. The fluffiness of the cotton combined with the sleekness of the bamboo, also creates an interesting texture.

2015-11-14 21.05.31

cs nov web-39Kits for the gilet are available from The Yarn Tree. The pattern comes in three different sizes – to fit bust 91(97;102) cm.File 2016-01-18, 8 39 32 PM

A workshop to learn the techniques used for the gilet is also available. You will get a kit to knit a scarf (see picture above) following the lace and colour patterned part of the gilet. You will also learn how to join knitting using a picot bind-off – a technique I often use – and learn how to line the knitting.

For all enquiries about the workshop or the gilet kits, please contact The Yarn Tree.



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