Playing with the blues

It often takes a lot of work to make something that looks deceptively simple. I really struggled to get this one right.

Firstly, I got carried away and experimented  with embroidery on shweshwe fabric. Nothing worked.

I realised that to leCarolien PS Apr 2015 - Print  (72)ave well alone is sometimes best.

So I used the shweshwe as it is, combined with crochet pieces.

And then the real slog started …  it took a week of knitting swatch upon swatch, only to dismiss every attempt.

I eventually realised that I’d simply tried to combine too many different yarns! It is difficult when you go through your stash to not use all the different textures available to you. Sometimes you just have to get it out of your system before you are ready to admit to yourself: less will be more here.

In the end, I realised the fabric simply needed circles to complement it. It is knitted in African Expressions Joy – a wool blend. African Expressions gives me lots of joy! To make it more fun, I included some of Marléne Scheepers-Fourie’s breathtaking One of a Kind Yarns, in the knitting as well as in the crotcheting.

This exclusive garment is for sale.


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