And so it all started …

File 2015-09-08, 12 10 23 PMYears ago a friend  – exasperated by my neat little knitted pieces – told me to “just do something wild, for heaven’s sake, just use huge needles and thin yarn or something!”

I still wear the shawl I made using thick needles and thin yarn, but honestly, “neat little knitted (or crocheted) pieces” are my thing, I’ve realised. I like to count stitches and work something out perfectly, even if it means I have to do it over and over again to get it just right.

But I don’t like boring…

Therefore I am grateful to have met Jean Napier, a creative knitter from Pretoria, at around that time. She introduced me to her technique of combining fabric and knitting and so I could give free rein to my creativity, while still losing myself in the detail of small pieces that ended up combined in a garment.


My inspiration almost always comes from fabric, like this gorgeous piece of cotton that I found at the Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg. I experimented with it quite a bit before it became the first ever thing I knitted for my blog. Predictably, I lost myself in the detail and embroidered onto the fabric before I combined it with crocheted squares that were then used as the foundation for a tunic.image

I am very proud that this, my first “blog garment”, has already found a buyer.

I still have a stash of the mopani silk I used in this tunic. The mopani silk makes it truly unique, because I don’t think one can get it anymore. Unless I’m wrong. If I am, please let me know! 😉



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