The basket case

IMG_5179An empty, contained space.

A hold-all.

Like a womb, where the creative possibilities are endless.

People like to say the invention of the wheel was a game changer in human development, but what about the invention of the vessel? Continue reading


When love meets love

File 2018-01-15, 15 43 54We whooshed past the signboard with Elisa’s name on it, looking for the turn-off to her house. A few hundred metres later we realised we should have turned right before the sign, and we turned around.

When we stopped in front of her house a couple of minutes later, she was waiting for us on her porch. Continue reading

Autumn is a happy colour

Carolien PS Apr 2015 - Web  (42)

The city of Johannesburg, South Africa, where I live, is often described as the largest man-made forest on the planet. Well, I’ve often wondered who keeps count of the trees to make sure this is really true… but live here, and you could believe that statement. From above, the treetop canopy looks like a roof sheltering the city. Continue reading

Lights, texture, action!

cs nov web-90It has been more than 10 years since I spent three glorious weeks in the old part of Istanbul. To this day my designs are influenced by Turkish aesthetics. The imagery of that country has profoundly influenced my approach to knitting, in the way I zoom in on lots of detail and “build” a piece by connecting lots of smaller pieces – almost like a mosaic.
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